Geraerts Consultancy

We commenced designing systems to deal with poor Indoor Air Quality in the 1990's.

Today our CCA systems create ultraclean air in any enclosed space or area and are able to create pressure differences in area's according to guidelines as a.o. from CDC.

The CCA-team is based on competence, professionalism and integrity.

The CCA-team looks beyond just the advancement using technology we have pioneered but actively canvass our users, many who have field experience in using sterile air for over 10 years.

The first mobile air-cleaning unit was developed in Switzerland, in a close co-operation with the Institut für Technologie Management of the University of St. Gallen (CH) in the 'virtuelle Fabrik Euregio Bodensee' – MedicAir Forte.

Based on this first proto-type, the next units were tested in 1998 in the Universiity Hospital in Antwerp (B) by Prof. Dr. L.M. Mahieu et all; Journal of Hospital Infection (2000) 45: 191-197. After a face-lift and a change from powder-coating to stainless steel, the units were introduced in hospitals in various countries like:

Clients up to 2008


  •  University Hospital St. Pierre – Brussels
  •  University Hospital Brugmann – Brussels
  •  University Hospital Sart Tilman – Liège
  •  University Hospital – Gent
  •  VRGT – National Institute for Tuberculosis – Brussels, Antwerp
  •  General Hospital Waasland – Sint Niklaas
  •  General Hospital St. Lucas – Brugge
  •  General Hospital Antwerp – Antwerp
  •  Medical Centre Belgian Railways (SNCB) – Mons
  •  Centre de Santé des Fagnes – Chimay
  •  Centre Neurologique William Lennox – Ottignies
  •  General Hospital Damiaan – Ostend
  •  General Hospital St. Jan – Genk


  •  Azienda Ospedaliera S. Croce e Carle – Cuneo
  •  Savigliano Hospital – Savigliano


  •  University Hospital – Magdeburg
  •  General Hospital – Kassel
  •  General Hospital – Hannover
  •  General Hospital Stift – Celle
  •  University Hospital – Hamburg/Eppendorf
  •  University Hospital – Bonn
  •  General Hospital – Duisburg
  •  Day Surgery Clinic – Dinslaken
  •  Day Surgery Clinic – Paediatric University Hospital Bonn


  •  Horsens Sygehus – Horsens


  •  Muhimbili National Hospital – Dar es Salaam


  •  IVF Centre Dr. Rustom Khatib – Beirut