CCA uses mechanical filtration because this technique prevents possible negative side-effects such as the creation of Ozone. Our product is green in operation not just in production! Flexibility in filtration, HEPA or ULPA standardisation, but also in air-cleaning volume is the basis of the CCA concepts.

Not every location has the same demands, rooms vary, design changes, we meet your requirements with our flexible approach!

Airborne contaminents

Increasing challenges in healthcare demand a huge drive for innovation within all disciplines of the healthcare sector. The implementation of Create Clean Air® innovative techniques to create sterile air will dramatically reduce, and often eliminate, airborne infections. Combined with simple barrier techniques and basic hygiene H.A.I. are dramatically reduced. What is not in the air cannot deposit on surfaces. Removed are all viruses, all bacteria, all spores and the majority of reactive gases and compounds.

Airborne Infections – “technical” aspects

What’s in the Air?

Particle size in μm (logarithmic)
1 μm = 0.001mm
95% of all particles < 0.5 μm

Filter Classes

More information about the filter classes