We commenced designing systems to deal with poor Indoor Air Quality in the 1990’s. Today our systems create sterile air in any enclosed space or area.


Utilised in all types of intensive care units, adult, paediatric, neuro-logical, transplant, cardiac, oncology and operating theatres the system ensures truly sterile working environments.

The removal of air as an infection medium also removes an important infection pathway.

Used with effective barrier nursing techniques and fully implemented touch control policy, the result can be al- most complete cessation of H.A.I. (nosocomial).

The reduction in preventative medication for immune-compromised patients offers a rapid pay back period on the systems initial costs.


CCA military specification units offer real room protection to very high levels whilst offering client specified positive pressure protection to CDC hazardous area laboratory standards.

Any area can be quickly protected against a range of chemical and biological hazards at a surprisingly low implementation cost.

Our solutions are at the leading edge of technology offering bespoke developed systems we have pioneered.

The solutions are also based on experiences from numerous users, many who have extensive field experience in infection control and sterile air implementation for both medical and military use.

The air is all around us, join us in making it safe.