Option 1 – the CCA-HP system

The CCA-HP unit to re-circulate the air through a 3-stage filtercartridge.

Stage 1

Stops large particles (> 1 micron) entering the cartridge whilst allowing gases and pathogens (< 1 micron) to enter.

Stage 2

Is activated carbon which can be varied upon specific needs of the user up to CBRN level.

Stage 3

Is the final filtration acting to 0.001 of a micron trapping all pathogens in the filter system. All spores (i.e. aspergillus), all bacteria and viruses are removed from the air.

The CCA-HP unit is a proven mobile air recirculation system that removes all viruses, all bacteria, all aspergillus spp. and most reactive gases from the indoor air. The unit creates two low frequency air currents which bring all room air through the system.

Airflow 1

Airflow 2

Sucks room air into the unit where the air is cleaned
in the CCA-HP filter cartridge.

Returns sterile air back to the room.

This, low velocity, air current reaches all places of an entire room.

The technology in the unit allows for variable settings/levels. The operation and the hygiene security are under control of unit staff.



ISO 9001:2000 / EN 29001
ISO 9001:2000 / EN 29001
ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001
ISO 2001

CCA 100 % efficiency on pathogens a o.