The sterile air concept from Create Clean Air®

The sterile air concept is based on the approach to create safe air for any space or area through a 3 layer filtration system. This goal is achieved by using premium quality filtration systems which are combined with ‘state of the art’ propriety technologies including computer controlled programs for hygiene security.

Our 2 products create the following possibilities:

Option 1

CCA-HP, cleans the air in an enclosed environment such as e.g. hospital room, patient waiting room for dentists, plastic surgery etc.

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Option 2

CCA-HP + CCA ISO+, Uses positive pressure to stop pathogens to ingress the area for immune-suppressed patients such as e.g. bone marrow transplant patients.

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Option 3

CCA-HP + CCA ISO- create a sterile environment in combination with negative pressure for infected patients to stop pathogens leaving the area such as e.g. tuberculosis, Covid-19 etc.

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Create Clean Air® efficiency for some airborne infections

Aspergillus spp
Influenza viruses
CBRN related

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